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  “A Sinfully Good Read.” — Emily C.  
Leremy’s eyes snapped open. Alison stood above her with a frightened look on her face and the fear of God in her eyes.
Author reads Midpoint Prologue

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Sometimes to have a future, you must

embrace the worst about your present.

The idyllic small town of Midpoint, New Jersey isn’t quite as it seems. Beyond the façade of white picket fences and raucous high school football games, the town and its people are embroiled in lies, assault, and murder: a beloved wife ripped from her family, a daughter carrying the weight of a dark and painful past, and a father who will test his limits to seek revenge. Buried secrets threaten the strength of these families and push them to their breaking point.


"Couldn’t put Midpoint down!! From the beginning you become invested in Midpoint’s characters and they begin to feel like family. You will spend your hours away from the book trying to solve its mystery and looking for a spare moment to dive back into this novel’s plot. Wonderful from beginning to end."
- Diana

"I really liked this evolved naturally and logically. I became so involved in the characters that I had trouble putting the book down. At the end of every chapter, I said “just one more chapter”. Of course that led to the next chapter as more is revealed and I became more deeply involved in the characters. Very well written and engaging."
- Tom

"Amazing characters, engaging plot, and a satisfying ending! This story tackles some serious topics and the emotional consequences of human actions leading the reader to question what one would do in the characters' shoes. Thought-provoking and intriguing, Midpoint guides you through a murder mystery and the threads that connect small-town residents."
- Barb

The Author
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